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RiverWest Village Kanopy Movie Discussion


Thu 09 / 16 / 2021
10:00 AM to 11:30 AM



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Members and Volunteers

Limited capacity: Registration Closed



RiverWest Village Kanopy Movie Discussion

Join Thursday's RWV Movie Group discussion via Zoom at 10 AM

Hosted by RiverWest Village, contact, for meeting link.

Description of the film:  My Afternoon with Margueritte:  In a small French town, a man considered to be the village idiot by his friends at the local bistro, takes a walk to the park one day and happens to sit beside Margueritte, a little old lady who is reading excerpts from her novel aloud.
Germain is lured to Margueritte’s passion for life and the magic of literature from which he has always felt excluded. As Margueritte broadens his mind via reading excepts from her novel. Germain realizes that he is more of an intellectual than he has ever allowed himself to be.  Afternoons spent reading aloud on their favorite bench transform their lives and starts them both on a new journey.

Watch the movie via the web application "Kanopy" anytime before the discussion date and bring your comments and insights to the online meeting.

To sign up for Kanopy:   Kanopy is free with your Multnomah or Washington County library card. On the Multnomah County Library website, go to the blue toolbar and click on E-Books and More. From the dropdown menu, select E-Books and More. Kanopy is the first listing under Streaming Media. Click on Kanopy and follow instructions. []  For Washington County, go to the toolbar at the top and choose Digital Library. Then select Kanopy and follow the directions [].